Accredited By NAAC With "A+" Grade

Affiliated to Sri Venkateshwara University, Tirupati

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ECO Club

Eco Club is a platform on which students got the knowledge about environment, Eco Club members in a group works to contribute to improving environmental conditions and offer programs & activities to encourage others to reduce pollution, plant trees and also to promote sound environmental behavior.

Primary Objectives

  • To make Clean and Green Campus.
  • To create awareness among the student about need of environmental Protection.
  • To prepare and organize student`s participation for preservation and conservation of environment.
  • To use different media such as audio, visual, posters, seminar, workshop, Guest Lecture and competitions for spreading messages concerning environment.
  • To create awareness among Society regarding environmental protection and
  • To create pollution free environment


  • Environmental awareness programmes such as swacchata hi seven, Clean and Green campus, Eco Friendly Vinayaka, Plastic free Society, Water Conservation, Pond Cleaning, Tree Plantations, Vanamahothsavam, Swachh Bharath, vanam manam;
  • Drawing and Essay writing Competitions on health environment practices.
  • Planting Tree saplings in college campus and outside of the campus.
  • Students  and teachers are allowed to attend workshops on Environment protection;
  • Create awareness on Communicable diseases.

 Inside the College Campus

  • Tree Plantation at the college campus (Around 150 saplings are planted and maintained);
  • Solid waste management unit is functioning effectively;
  • Maintaining Garden, Herbal Garden and new flower garden;
  • Solar power units are functioning effectively;
  • Plastic free campus;
  • Dengue mosquito free campus;
  • Wall painting about environment protection.


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