Accredited By NAAC With "A+" Grade

Affiliated to Sri Venkateshwara University, Tirupati

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College Students Union



It is a union of the students of the College and shall function as a purely academic body.

Aims and Objectives

  • To develop the social consciousness of the members and to promote a healthy cooporate life among them.
  • To discipline them in responsible freedom and self-government.
  • To develop their initiative, self-reliance and leadership.
  • To advance the course of learning through debates, discussions, lectures, competitions etc. designed to develop the critical faculties of the members.
  • To develop in the members a taste for the fine arts.

          The union shall be subject to the rules and regulations in force in the College as well as those notified by the Principal from time to time. It shall not assume the right to speak or act on subjects falling within the responsibility of the Principal. It shall not engage itself in any manner in any political activity.

          Student union members are selected based on their academic performance. Apart from the student representatives, the Executive of the College Union shall consist of the Principal ( Patron), Vice Principal (Honorary Treasurer) and two Staff Advisors.

Faculty Executive:

Name Designation Nominated as
DR. R. Venugopal Principal Patron
Dr. M.Bhaskara Raju  Lecturer in Political Science Convener
Mr.B.Subramanyam Lecturer in Zoology Treasurer
Dr.M.Arunakumari Lectuer in Botany Member
Dr.D.Bhaskar Lecturer in Commerce Member
M.V.Gopi III B.COm CA Member
M.E. Hemalatha III BSC MPCs Member
R.Hemalatha Senior Assistant Memebr

The Student Chairperson shall hold herself responsible for the maintenance of order, decorum and dignity at all gatherings of the College. The Student Chairperson or the Secretary/s should not invite anybody from outside the College for any College function without the prior approval of the Principal.

Office Bearers of Student Union

Name of the student Class Nominated for
S.Meena III MPC Chairman
R.A. Rudra II.B.Com Secretary
P.Nandini I B.A Join secretary
S.Ramya III BZC Ladies representative