Accredited By NAAC With "A+" Grade

Affiliated to Sri Venkateshwara University, Tirupati

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                  The Department of Economics was established in the academic year 1978-79.The Department recognizes the growing demand for trained manpower in education, industry, government and other sectors as well as nurturing future specialists in economics. The Department will prepare each student to participate effectively as an informed Citizen. The Department has been trying to improve financial literacy among youth which is most useful for their empowerment. The Economics Department will engage in service activities that enhance the development of the College, University and expanded community of interests.


Economic Empowerment of Student Community through Financial Literacy to Prepare for the 21 Century Life Challenges


  • Promoting Awareness on the Importance Of Economics In Daily Life
  • Encouraging Students To Participate In Seminars, Debates On Important    Economic Issues
  • Motivating Students To Use Internet Facility Through Mobiles or college library to Gain Economic Knowledge By Reading Articles, Surveys Etc
  • Giving Study Projects Or Conducting Surveys On Specific Issues In Villages To inculcate Research Habit
  • Forming WhatsApp Group with Students to Share Information on Important Subject Matter, Current Data and Career Opportunities.
  • Use Of LMS ,SWAYAM and Mana –TV Digital Sources to enrich Economic Knowledge
  • Nurturing good habits of early savings, insurance for the betterment of their life. 
  • Strengthening their ideas of progress by alternate mode of creativity, innovative employment.


·        Year of Establishment                                         : 1978

·        Pattern of study                                                   : CBCS

·        Courses of Offered                                               : Under Graduation

·        Programmes                                                         : B.A (HEP)

   Departments/ units involved: Foundation Course

                                                1. Analytical Skills

                                                2. Human Values and Professional Ethics  

                                                3. Financial Markets

·        No. of Lecturers Working                                    : 01 ( Male-01)

·        Lecturers with NET/SET                                      : 02

·        Lectures with Ph.D                                              : NIL

·        Minor Research Projects                                     : NIL

·        MANA TV Lessons                                                : 01

·        Publications                                                         : NIL

·        Books                                                                   : NIL

·        Paper Presentations                                            : 12

·        MOU’S and Collaborations                                   : NIL

·        Methodology adopted in Teaching                      : Lecture Methods, PPT, Debates, Quiz,  

     Highlights of the staff members:

1)     Sri. D. Ramanjulu : Convener of Grievance Redressal Committee, Member of Red Ribbon Club Committee, Cultural Committee.