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institutional Best Practices

Best Practice I:   Floral Arrangements

           1. Title of the Practice:  Floral Arrangements

This training of decoration, beautification, bouquet making is undertaken in the Institution.

1.Goal:The main object of this practice is they can keep their homes clean, tidy and in a well decorated way. We feel that making women students aware of home decoration, beautification, bouquet making is the first priority and remains for lifelong. Hence we taught the women students the technique and the methods of floral arrangement. It also creates and aesthetic sense in their households. This training also creates an opportunity for them to enhance their skill for commercial purpose.

2.The Context:Since the students come from rural poor and illiterate background, they may not be aware of many things that are related to richness. Beautification, decoration and housekeeping are such practices related to urban people. Today’s girls are tomorrow’s home makers. Therefore it is thought that if these skills are taught to them, they may benefit from the skills in future. Hence it is decided to take up training the women students in floral arrangement.

3. Practice: The women students are asked to collect various types of flowers available from their surroundings, both wild and grown in gardens. In response this and the students brought many varieties of flowers. The women Faculty of the Women empowerment cell/Eco club taught them the techniques of floral arrangement and bouquet making. These skills were used when the students made floral arrangement for the Seminars/Workshops/other function conducted in the institution.

4. Evidence of success:The students were enthusiastic throughout their training period. All the floral arrangements made during the functions and the flower bouquets were handed over to the dignitaries, prepared by the students. Many people appreciated the efforts taken by the students in the stage and in the hall about floral arrangements.

5. Problems occurred and resources required:In the beginning the students were very slow in learning as they hail from a rural background.  But women are naturally adept in learning flower arrangement techniques. This floral arrangement skill is taught in cities only and the art belong to urban areas. But the students have shown much patience and developed the flower arrangement skills. 

Note:It is one of the efforts of the Women empowerment cell to create a dignified way of teaching a skill to women students to enhance the skill for commercial use.

Best Practice II: Endowment/ Proficiency Prizes .

         2. Title of the Practice:Endowment/ Proficiency Prizes 

            1. Goal:

The Endowment/ Proficiencyprizes allow eligible student to turn opportunity into action and make the absolute best use of their time to challenge themselves and excel. 

2. The Context:

Time & time again when a striving student faces a financial or logistical obstacle, the fund allows us to make a strategic investment that in turn enables the student to solve the problem and move forward in the most efficient and productive way.

3. The Practice: 

Government Degree College, Nagari every year announces Endowment/ Proficiencyprizes for the students in each academic year and in each subject. Two endowment prizes were instituted by department of English and one by department of Commerce. Proficiency prizes were contributed by all the faculty members of the college including Principal.

4.Evidence of Success: 

The students were enthusiastic throughout the academic year. Each and every student strived hard to get the Endowment/ Proficiencyprizes. By this the score of the students started increasing every year. It has also created a healthy competition among the students.

5. Problems occurred and resources required:

In the beginning the students were very lethargic in their academics. But by different activities like Seminar, Quiz and above all the Endowment/ Proficiencyprizes made them active and challenging.